6 Ways to Use Cannabis Without Smoking

The most common way people use cannabis for millennia is to inhale smoke from pipes or cigarettes called joints. Today, however, we know that smoking is very harmful to health, and the burning of any plant material – including cannabis – and its subsequent inhalation into the lungs certainly does not benefit us.

Plus, not everyone likes to smoke. And someone may not even have a medical condition if they have lung problems. The idea of ​​smoking can discourage many people (especially the elderly who want to be treated with cannabis) from trying cannabis. Even in states where this plant is fully legal.

If you are also a fan of marijuana, then you will surely remember how you used it for the first time. Most likely, your first experience with marijuana was in the form of wrapped dried flowers in paper in the form of a so-called joint. Because marijuana has never been a cheap affair, it’s very likely that you also mixed your first cannabis cigarette with tobacco. 

Tobacco in combination with cannabis often changes the condition you experience after smoking. However, times have advanced today and many users are asking how to use cannabis if they want to avoid harmful smoking . At the same time, choosing the right method of use is key to achieving the results you want.

Despite the health risks associated with smoking or burning plant material, this form of use remains one of the most popular . This is probably due to the fact that the marijuana is immediately ready for use and the cost of packing the joint is an investment in the order of a few pennies, if we omit the purchase price of marijuana itself.

Fortunately, today there are many ways to take the benefits of cannabis without smoking, which are definitely healthier than smoking alone. Here in this article, we have prepared six ways for you to use marijuana without smoking.


As is known today, you can use marijuana without the heat from a lighter, because substances such as THC, CBD and others are actually released at much lower temperatures, starting at 170 ° C. The taste of the evaporated marijuana from the vaporizer, unlike smoke, has a pure taste and the steam is much softer and with the aggressiveness of the smoke it really cannot be compared. 

There are plenty of vaporizers on the market today, as marijuana and other herbs are called. Large desktop vaporizers provide you with quality steam with the ability to set accurate vaporization temperatures, while small portable vaporizers allow you to vaporize marijuana wherever you are.


One of the healthier alternatives to smoking certainly includes consuming foods supplemented with cannabis or a drink containing cannabinoids. Today, abroad with the possibility of legal use of cannabis, you can see various biscuits, crackers, cakes as well as lemonades containing THC on the market. 

Even in our country, where the cultivation of cannabis with a THC content above 0.3% is not allowed, you can find alternatives to these products, which are only produced from technical cannabis. 

You can buy technical hemp products in the form of candies, biscuits, muffins, cakes in specialized stores. These products do not cause a psychoactive state and are rich in another healthy substance known as CBD.

Consumption of hemp oil

Hemp oil is made from whole hemp plants or hemp seeds, which can be conveniently taken orally in the form of capsules. These are usually gelatin capsules that you can consume directly or add to food or drinks. As with marijuana-based snacks, you need to be careful here, because the oils in the capsules can have really strong effects.


Tinctures are alcohol-based products containing cannabis that are applied orally directly under the tongue. Unlike oil consumed in capsules, the effects of ingested tincture appear immediately. 

This is because tincture substances immediately enter the bloodstream and we can then better control the effects and dosage of marijuana. Tinctures can be purchased and made at home according to your preferences with different flavors and with different THC or CBD content.


Cosmetic products containing cannabinoids such as creams, balms or shampoos are applied directly to the skin to relieve pain and inflammation in some conditions. 

The great advantage of cosmetics containing cannabis is its ability to treat and relieve the symptoms of the disease without a psychoactive effect. This is a great advantage for anyone who does not want to use cannabis internally.


Dabbing or vaporizing strong herbal concentrates is a way of consuming cannabis again without harmful smoke. It is a method where using a glass bong and a special dabbing cauldron, most often made of glass or metal, which is heated to certain temperatures. After heating a special cauldron, dab is slowly added, which spreads under the influence of heat, and we coat it in the form of dense steam.


In conclusion, no matter what method of smoking marijuana you choose, always be careful not to overestimate your options and always stay for a while to see the actual effects of marijuana and the effects on you. 

Now, thanks to our article, you already know that there are many methods of using cannabis without harmful combustion.…

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