Must Know Tips for Cannabis Harvests

Cannabis and cultivation is a truly admirable activity. This is doubly true for outdoor cultivation. Of course, we do not want to move indoors to another track, but outdoor has its charm. It all starts when you choose and then carefully plant your seeds. 

Then you let nature do the rest. The small seedling then becomes a light green plant and then a large bushy plant, full of flowers and an eye-catching aroma. This cycle then ends with the harvest. This is a reward for growers for months of work.

However, we must also pay attention to the other side of the outdoors. We can find pitfalls everywhere. Whether it’s pests, bad weather or inquisitive neighbors, there is always a dark side. But let’s throw up some advice and tips.

Watch your cannabis plants and estimate the right moment accordingly

All cannabis plants, whatever their species, are thermophilic plants. This is to indicate that they thrive mainly in warm climates . The time that the plants need varies according to genetics.

Sativas need a long and warm summer to reach their maximum potential, while indicia even need a shorter stay in the sun.

But today is a little different. We have a lot of hybrid varieties that grow in a specific way and have the best of their ancestors . The seeds of these hybrid varieties are relatively popular, but they do not overshadow the selection of the others.

Outdoor varieties are ready for harvest in the period from the beginning of September to the turn of September / October . This is true for the northern hemisphere. It depends on what varieties of cannabis you grow, on the soil, on the weather, etc.

You can tell the time to harvest by the pistils. We wrote about them in a recent article as a harvest indicator. It must be brown . If some are twisted, like curls, you can get to work .

The weather has a big effect on cannabis

It is clear above the sun that the weather will change from spring to the end of summer. We cannot count on clear solar skies with occasional rain and optimal humidity levels. It is better to take into account that the weather will not always be as intended. We are mainly talking about a burst of clouds and fluctuating temperatures .

These climate changes can play an important role in the end. They could even endanger your crop, but it won’t happen if you’re experienced and ready to make important decisions regarding your cannabis plants.

We have warned that prematurely harvesting your crop is complete nonsense. It doesn’t pay to risk months of work at the expense of an umbrella. What does this mean? Really wait until the flowers are ripe . Marijuana must be of good quality , and you want it to be, don’t you?

Cold weather and hemp

Let’s go back to the weather for a moment. Cold is not necessarily an enemy of marijuana. Most plants last at a temperature around zero for a few hours (from minus one to plus three degrees, maximum three hours). 

When your plant stays in a cold environment longer, or when the temperature is even lower, a catastrophe can occur that you will not reverse. Freezers can cause the tissues inside the plant to freeze , causing damage at the cellular level .

Due to the cold, the leaves get a much darker shade of green . They are then rather crunchy to the touch. The longer the exposure to frost, the worse.

Freezers also have a different effect on plants planted in the ground and on those in the pot. In general, the plants planted in the pot get much more from the cold weather. Probably due to a closed amount of soil medium.

Marijuana and rain

As with cold weather, rain has its own specific criteria. It is beneficial in itself and is an ideal supply of water for outdoor cannabis plants. But take what breaks the clouds with your variety . Maybe some twelve hours.

Short-term rain will not harm immature plants. Rain with a long duration or high intensity could either damage your plants or cause mold . In such cases, cut off undamaged parts and save as much as possible.

Do you want to have an effective defense against these fluctuations of Mother Nature? A solution in the form of a blanket is offered. It is actually a shelter that will cover your plants and protect them from sudden rain or low temperature . But as soon as the weather clears, clean the shelter so that the plant still has some warmth and light before harvest.

Plan everything carefully

There is one problem with outdoor plants, and that is that not all of them bloom at the same time. It’s fine with indoor cultivation.

All seedlings are from the beginning under artificial light and have a regular dose of light / dark, nutrients and water.  So you can expect everything to go smoothly and you will do all the work at once.

Outdoor is a little more complicated. Yes, plants grow and everything is as it should be. But some plants can grow and bloom faster than others . Those in the shade ripen later than those with a greater dose of daylight.

How to do it? Let’s proceed individually and divide the work . Let’s reap certain flowering plants with confidence and let the others grow before they finish growing and I will have full potential.

Preparation of tools and places for harvested cannabis plants

Surely you already know where your marijuana will dry. Don’t know? So look for darker areas where the temperature will be 15-20 degrees Celsius and humidity 50-65% . 

We would just like to point out that the given numerical values ​​are considered ideal . If you don’t reach them with absolute precision, it’s not that big of a problem.

And how do we get those plants here? Well, …

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